New compilation with OVERWIND new song

POWER PROG will release ROCK WORLD compilation at November 20, 2015

The compilation «Rock World» brings a current and exceptional cross-genre rock & metal mix to the world of music. Peppered with 16 impressive tracks from the successful 2015, this is more than just a label-own yearly retrospective, rather to show how varied, style across and limitless the global acting German music provider POWER PROG treats things. Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Melodic Rock, AOR, Progressive Rock, Pop-Rock, Art Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Modern Metal … a colorful musical bouquet, put together with pleasure and passion by label owner Gotz Morgenschweis, waits for discerning listeners and is certainly one of the compilation highlights of the year.
«ROCK WORLD» tracklist:
01. Daydream XI — Keeping The Dream Alive
02. The Chronicles Project — Forever
03. Overwind — Insider
04. Darusso — Love Is Blind
05. Gronholm — Home In Our Hearts
06. Raspberry Park — I Won’t Back Down
07. Carsten Lizard Schulz Syndicate — Brand New Fire
08. Hibria — Ashamed
09. Rygel — Burning Remains
10. Sergey Boykov — Falling Skies
11. Moonbound — Cheetah Conquers The Moon
12. Milan Polak — This Time
13. Triddana — When The Enemy’s Close
14. Wings Of Destiny — Destiny
15. Heaviest — Nowhere
16. My Name Is Janet — The Sand
This album is available as CD (jewel case version for a «hot price» + an additional cardboard sleeve version and a download card as free extras with each purchase) and as extremely low-priced and high quality download package, both purchasable directly from here:
From December 04, 2015, «ROCK WORLD» will be also available on all major digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Rdio, Apple Music, 7digital a.s.o. … Check it out when the time comes!

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